Contractual Agreement for implementation services.



  1. Services: 

This Service Agreement and any Proposals shall govern the terms and conditions of services provided by Resilient to the Customer. Resilient may perform the services by any reasonable means and shall not be responsible for delays in performance beyond its control. Customer agrees to pay Resilient for the services as set forth in this Service Agreement and any Proposals, without setoff or deduction of any kind.


  1. Scope
  • Payroll
  • Billing
  • Running of Staff Meetings
  • Day-to-Day Functioning Follow-Up Reminders (i.e. handing in timesheets, completing notes within designated timeframes, charging copays and cancellation fees, scheduling and completion of administrative/marketing tasks)
  • Keeping of time-sheets
  • Tracking of KPIs
  • Weekly meeting with Administrative Staff

Note: This does not include:

  • New projects outside of individual therapy and medication management services (i.e. Development of new services, Expansion into new locations, etc.)

$5,000.00 per month for Specific language above to be paid on or before the 15th of each month.
$200 per hour for any service or support not specified as in scope.

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