Solving the disconnect

What you know in your brain & how you feel in your body

Long Island EMDR provides evidenced-based counseling to children, teens and adults struggling with anxiety, trauma, PTSD and depression.

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Our Mission

At Long Island EMDR, our mission is to provide evidence-based and inclusive mental health care to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to help our clients heal across New York State, heal from past traumas and overcome mental health barriers so they can regain confidence and success in their lives. We believe in the power of brain-based modalities and interpersonal relationships to promote healing, growth and change. Our dedicated team of mental health professionals strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive space where clients can explore their emotions, build resilience, and achieve their mental health goals. Our commitment is to empower our clients to reclaim their lives and reach their full potential.

Our Begining

Our organization was originally founded by Jamie Vollmoeller as a solo practice in 2019 under the name Resilient Counseling LCSW PC. As an individual living with C-PTSD Jamie is passionate about providing exceptional trauma-focused counseling. As a recipient of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), she fell in love with this modality and the freedom it offered her and her clients.

Since then, the practice has grown intentionally to create a space where clinicians could provide excellent care without being burnt-out, and with all of the support needed for them to truly cater to their clients. In order for our clinicians and our clients to truly reach their full potential, our practice emphasizes continued education, ongoing clinical training and support.
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Our Team

We are not “yeah uh-huh,” therapists. We will call you out and have the hard talks, help you see others perspectives - all while still being empathetic and understanding of where you are now. We believe that change does not happen unless our clients begin to make the changes needed for themselves.
Our therapists all have  a significant trauma focus in their continuing education. We utilize research-based modalities backed by science to help our clients achieve results and begin healing quickly.  
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