Are you dealing with complex trauma and looking for an effective, cost-efficient solution? EMDR intensives may be the answer. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an evidence-based therapy that can help individuals suffering from C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). EMDR intensives are shorter, more intensive sessions of EMDR, compared to the traditional weekly therapy. In this blog post, we will be discussing how EMDR intensives can provide transformative results and how they are more cost-effective than weekly therapy.

What is an EMDR intensive?

EMDR intensive therapy is a powerful treatment option for individuals struggling with complex trauma or C-PTSD. An EMDR intensive is a condensed and focused period of time for counseling, providing efficient and effective relief for those who are emotionally suffering. This therapy method involves a dedicated period of time ranging from three hours to multiple days in one week. 

It's important to note that EMDR intensive therapy is not for everyone, as the goal is to follow the natural healing process. However, for those who are able to commit to this intensive psychotherapeutic approach, it can help reduce distress around traumatic or adverse events, shift long-held beliefs, and ultimately help approach life and relationships in a more aligned way. Investing in your mental health through an EMDR intensive may be a life-changing decision.

What are the benefits of an EMDR intensive?

EMDR intensives offer numerous benefits, especially for those suffering from complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). Here are a few key advantages:

1. Condensed format: EMDR intensives allow clients to make significant progress in a shorter period than traditional weekly therapy sessions. This condensed format can help eliminate weeks or months of living with trauma symptoms.

2. Reduced lost work time: Since sessions are completed over two or three days, it greatly reduces lost work time, making it easier to fit treatment into a busy schedule.

3. Cost-effectiveness: Although there is a larger upfront cost, the shorter duration of treatment overall can save money in the long run.

4. Shorter wait times: Waiting lists for good trauma treatment providers can be long. However, with EMDR intensives, clients can get through treatment in the same week they start, reducing wait times.

5. State-of-the-art modality: Intensives are being studied in the literature as a state-of-the-art modality for trauma, making them an effective treatment option.

6. Accessibility: Clients who are out of town or out of state can take advantage of access to excellent treatment quickly, making only one trip to complete treatment. Even local clients with transportation or childcare complications can make arrangements for a single weekend.

Overall, EMDR intensives are an effective and efficient way to address trauma and other mental health concerns, making them a valuable investment in your overall well-being.

How does an EMDR intensive differ from weekly therapy?

While weekly therapy sessions can be highly effective, an EMDR intensive offers a different approach that can provide transformative results for clients dealing with complex trauma and C-PTSD. One of the main benefits of an EMDR intensive is the ability to make faster progress and process traumatic memories at a deeper level. This is because the intensive approach allows clients to fully immerse themselves in therapy and stay focused on their therapeutic goals over a short period of time.

Another key advantage of the intensive approach is the increased accountability that comes with working with a therapist for an extended period of time. Both the client and therapist have a heightened sense of responsibility and commitment to the treatment process. The intensive approach can also be ideal for clients who have one or two specific problems they want to work on.

However, weekly therapy also has its benefits. Gradual progress, better integration of the therapy process into daily life, reduced intensity of emotions, and more flexibility with scheduling can all be important factors for some clients. Ultimately, the choice between an intensive or weekly approach will depend on the client's specific needs, therapeutic goals, and personal preferences.

Regardless of which approach a client chooses, investing in one's mental health should be a top priority. By committing to therapy and working with a qualified therapist, clients can make progress towards healing and moving forward in their lives. Don't let the cost or time commitment deter you from taking the necessary steps towards a brighter future.

Why invest in your mental health now?

When it comes to mental health care, economic value is an important consideration. While weekly therapy sessions may seem like the more affordable option, investing in an EMDR intensive can actually be more cost-effective in the long run. A large, well-designed randomized study found that an intensive 1-week course of evidence-based PTSD therapy had the same outcome as delivery of the same treatment over several months - except that the results were achieved much more quickly in the intensive format  (Ehlers et al, 2014). This means that investing in an EMDR intensive can save you time and money, while also providing more rapid relief from symptoms.

But why are EMDR intensives so effective? For starters, they differ from weekly therapy in that they involve a much more concentrated and focused treatment approach. Instead of spreading out treatment over several months, an EMDR intensive condenses treatment into a week-long period, allowing for greater treatment efficiency and a reduced risk of destabilization. Additionally, an intensive format helps to reduce the risk of life crises disrupting treatment, as clients can fully immerse themselves in the therapeutic process (Greenwald et al, 2020).

Perhaps most importantly, EMDR intensives offer rapid results, which can help to prevent further suffering or harm from symptoms of C-PTSD. This is due in part to the fact that the intensive format eliminates time spent on activities like checking in at the beginning of each session, addressing current crises and concerns, focusing on stabilizing and coping skills that the client won't need after trauma healing and assisting the client in regaining composure at the end of the session. All of these factors help to make EMDR intensives a highly effective and cost-effective option for those looking to prioritize their mental health and well-being.

Could I benefit from intensive EMDR treatment?

If you have experienced any type of trauma, including complex trauma, then EMDR treatment could potentially benefit you. Complex PTSD, or C-PTSD, can result from ongoing trauma and can lead to symptoms such as hypervigilance, emotional dysregulation, and difficulty with trust and attachment. EMDR treatment is effective in addressing the symptoms of C-PTSD, as well as other types of trauma.

Some signs that you may benefit from EMDR treatment include:

- Flashbacks or intrusive thoughts related to the trauma

- Avoidance of certain people or situations

- Difficulty regulating your emotions, such as feeling numb or disconnected

- Difficulty sleeping or experiencing nightmares

- Chronic pain or other physical symptoms related to the trauma

EMDR treatment can help to reduce these symptoms and improve your overall mental health and well-being. 

 EMDR intensives are particularly effective in treating complex trauma, or C-PTSD, as they allow individuals to delve deeper into their traumatic experiences and process them more fully. Unlike weekly therapy, where the focus may be more on managing symptoms, EMDR intensives are designed to target the root cause of the trauma and provide a transformative experience. By dedicating several days or weeks to an intensive EMDR session, individuals can make significant progress in a shorter period and experience a more lasting impact on their mental health. Additionally, EMDR intensives can be more cost-effective than weekly therapy, as the total number of sessions required may be lower overall. Overall, investing in your mental health through EMDR intensives can provide transformative results and lead to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

If you are interested in exploring whether EMDR intensive treatment could benefit you, feel free to give our office a call to set up a free consultation.

Sending Love & Light,

Jamie Vollmoeller, LCSW

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