When describing yourself, how do you finish the sentence “I am…..”?

Are you saying things like, “I am":








Or is your “I am” statement more like — I am small, weak, ugly, incompetent, useless, discarded or not enough?

Each of us has an internal dialogue that has a tremendous effect on how we see ourselves, how we feel and the actions we do or do not take. Do you start your day with “I am beautiful, smart, awake, invigorated”? Do you believe “I am loved, honored, cherished and wise.” Or do your thoughts all too often go to “I cannot do this. I am not okay. I will never be enough.”?

Our life events big and small help to shape this inner voice, that so very much tends to guide the direction of our lives. Whether it was bullying, physical abuse, humiliation, sexual abuse, witnessing violence or emotional neglect- what happens in our lives shape our views about ourselves. These events indeed have an effect on our life trajectory- both positive and negative.

The good news is there is also a way to change this inner voice to focus on our strengths rather than our insecurities.

By reprocessing or traumas, be they negative or difficult childhood memories or significant traumatic events (rape, assault, death of loved ones, war), we are allowing our brains to make new neural connections and new positive associations. Additionally, we are able to let go of those intense emotions and bodily sensations linked to these events, that keep us in patterns that are no longer serving us. Processing these traumas with EMDR therapy helps you put those negative thoughts to rest so you can start creating the life you desire and deserve.

If you would like to put an end to the negative inner voice and start finding your inner strengths we have EMDR certified clinicians who are here to help. Give our office a call to begin EMDR therapy today.

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