Tips for Your Long Island EMDR Teletherapy Session

Online therapy is effective and convenient. It can be difficult at first to navigate the technology and to find your rhythm with teletherapy. Here’s tips to have a great session.

Follow these instructions

  1. Click on the link sent to you by your therapist
    1. Enter your name
    1. Your therapist will let you into the session once your session time starts. 
    1. Use a laptop or desktop 

Use a Laptop or a Desktop (Phones and Ipads work too, but can be a hassle to hold for the duration of your session).

Experience has proven that teletherapy sessions run more smoothly when both the client and therapist are using a computer.  Chrome is the recommended browser, but Firefox and Safari will work as well.  If you must use your cellphone, you will also need to have eitherChrome or Safaridownloaded on your computer.  

Prepare ahead of time

Make sure that your device is charged, that you have headphones (if you prefer to use them) and that you have allowed access to your camera and microphone.  

In order to maintain HIPAA compliance, your therapist will make sure that they are in a space where no one can hear them (or you).  You will get the most out of your session if you are able to find a private space as well.  

Looking at our own face for an extended period of time is one of the reasons cited for developing video call fatigue.  If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being on a video call for this reason, consider putting a piece of paper on the square that shows you your own face.  

Another possibly frustrating aspect of teletherapy is when technology fails us.  If for any reason, the teletherapy session freezes or cuts out, Use the chat feature to communicate if you think your therapist cannot hear you. Please know that your therapist is doing everything in their power to get things up and running again on their end.  

You are not alone-your therapist is also getting frustrated with technology issues and feeling uncomfortable looking at their own face!  

Teletherapy can be a very effective means of therapy. Follow tips to ensure you make the most out of your sessions. Contact Now to schedule your online session today!

Keep Shining,

Jamie Vollmoeller, LCSW

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