LGBTQ Affirming Therapist in Suffolk County, NY

Published on June 27, 2022

What Does it Mean to be an LGBTQ Affirming Therapist?

As LGBTQ Affirming Therapist in Suffolk County, NY we take an approach to therapy that embraces a positive view of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) identities and relationships. We also are intently aware and proactive in addressing the negative influences that homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism have on the lives of our LGBTQ clients.

How We Ensure That Our Providers are Truly Affirming Therapists

  1. Self-reflection: All of our clinicians engage in supervision in which we explore and address biases, beliefs and attitudes from their own upbringing. It is important for us as a practice that all of our therapists have either been in therapy and/or are actively engaged in therapy so they are aware of their own biases (not just of the LGBTQ community but also, race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, etc.).
  2. Involvement in the community: Our practice engages in many LGBTQIA+ events and networking with other agencies and business owners who work with and/or are part of these communities. Several members of our team are members of the community themselves and our cis gendered clinicians, when needed, consult with them in group supervision to get their prospective on client’s concerns.
  3. LGBT Affirming paperwork: Our intake documents account for those that do not fit the herternormative boxes. For those planning to bill insurance it must be  under your legal name but we do have a “Preferred” name box as well to ensure all staff address you by your chosen name and pronouns. 
  4. Education- We encourage and promote our clinicians attending training related to LGBTQIA community concerns.

What You Can Expect From Our LGBTQ Affirming Therapists LGBTQ in Suffolk County, NY

All of our therapists are extremely interpersonal. They want to know you: Your story. Where you came from. What happened to you. We pride ourselves in being a practice of “above and beyonders” who really want to know our clients and understand them. Part of being an LGBTQ affirming therapist in Suffolk County, NY is being a therapist that does not make assumptions about our clients but being open to hearing their stories and experiences. Every coming out story is different. Everyone’s level of comfort and openness about their sexuality and gender expression is different. We won’t put you in a box because you are part of the community. Your experience as a member in the community is still uniquely your own. We wholeheartedly believe and understand that your sexual identity and gender expression is no where near the only thing that defines your you-ness.

Being affirmative means we strive to treat all of our LGBTQ clients and their families with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our role is to support you, to uplift you, to empower you to make the changes you would like to see in your daily lives and heal from past hurts. We want you to know you are absolutely fine just the way you are.

Ready to See an LGBTQ Affirming Therapists LGBTQ in Suffolk County, NY?

Contact us now to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our amazing affirming therapists. We truly would love to help you through whatever is bringing you to counseling. Our providers have a range of expertise including: couples, trauma, grief & loss, anxiety, OCD, depression and BPD. There are also many modalities used within the practice including: EMDR, TF-CBT, mindfulness, CBT, solutions-focused, and strengths-based counseling. Our administrative assistant will match you with a therapist who is not only affirming but can also address the underlying concern that has brought you to seek treatment.

Sending Love & Light,

-Jamie K Vollmoeller, LCSW

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